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176: The Power of Replicating Effective Processes in Roofing with Stuart Hastings

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About this Episode

Stuart Hastings, owner of Absolute Construction in Beaumont, Texas, has spent his entire working life in the construction industry. Following a four-year tenure as the General Manager at Williams Insulation, he seized an opportunity to work for a local roofing company, which he remained with for approximately two years. Subsequently, Stuart embarked on an independent venture, establishing Absolute Construction, a business he founded nearly 29 years ago.

Absolute Construction, under Stuart’s ownership, is known for its professional approach. The company operates from a 20,000 square-foot warehouse equipped with offices for the entire staff, setting it apart from competitors who often work from their home. Stuart has implemented a structured system with production managers and estimators overseeing various divisions, including shingle roofing, metal roofing, flashing, commercial roofing, and even a fencing division.

In addition to these resources, Stuart personally owns a standing seam roll former and a 21-foot Veriobend trim folder. These assets enable Absolute Construction to offer both custom and standard roof flashing solutions for new construction and existing reroofs. Above all, the company’s reputation is built on its commitment to delivering on promises, consistently exceeding expectations.

Outside of the business, Stuart and his wife own a beach house on the Bolivar Peninsula, a part of the Galveston Bay system, which they frequent almost every weekend. They are also avid travelers, adding depth and variety to their life experiences.

On this episode, we talk about the power of replicating effective processes in roofing. 


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