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Roofing Success Podcast

184: Mastering Your Craft, Build Momentum and Thrive by Failing Forward with John Senac

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About this Episode

After working in various customer service, management, and sales jobs, John met the owner of a roofing company. The owner gave John a chance, and he developed a true passion for the industry. In addition to sales, John now consults with other contractors and roofing companies.

As the lead consultant for John The Roof Pro, he travels, learning about other markets and guiding other companies and salespersons down the path of success. The crucial aspect of his program is that the skills being coached are the approaches and practices he is currently using. This keeps the training active, alive, current, and responsive to the changes that arise.

John calls Indiana home. This industry provides him with the time to spend with his wife and five children and the resources to enjoy that time.

In this episode, we dive into the art of honing your skills, cultivating momentum, and flourishing through the valuable lessons gained from embracing failure.




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