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Roofing Success Podcast

190: The Key to Crafting Compelling Roofing Content with Patrick Carr

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About this Episode

Patrick Carr, CEO and Founder of Blue Collar Media Group and host of The Patrick Carr Show, spearheads a unique approach to digital marketing for blue-collar trades through video content. Recognizing a critical gap in the industry, Patrick established Blue Collar Media Group to provide tailored media content that authentically represents contractors’ brands and services. With a hands-on approach, he collaborates directly with clients and leads a skilled team of videographers and editors to optimize content for maximum impact. Patrick’s mission is clear: to empower small businesses to compete effectively in their local markets by creating engaging content that resonates with potential customers, ultimately inspiring business owners to embrace the power of video marketing for unparalleled growth and visibility.

On this episode, we discuss the key to crafting compelling roofing content.






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