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Roofing Success Podcast

191: Learn the 4 Essential ‘M’s of Accounting for Roofing Profits with Brett Neal

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About this Episode

Get the inside scoop on accounting and finance for roofing contractors from CPA Brett Neal of High Velocity Accounting. As the co-founder of a successful accounting firm and a partner in a Central Valley, California roofing business, Brett has a unique perspective into the numbers that drive profitability.

In this episode, Brett breaks down the four essential “M’s” of accounting that roofers need to master – Maintenance, Metrics, Management, and Money. Learn how properly reconciling your books, analyzing key metrics like job costing, creating an insightful budget, and strategically looking at taxes can help you optimize your business’s financial performance.

Brett also shares invaluable tips on how roofing companies should determine the right time to hire additional staff, increase pricing, when to say “no” to unprofitable jobs, and more. Whether you’re looking to grow a multi-million dollar empire or run a tight ship as a solopreneur, Brett offers accounting wisdom that can help your roofing business thrive. Tune in now to uncover the financial keys to roofing success!





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