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Roofing Success Podcast

193: Greed & Corruption Has Poisoned The Roofing Industry – The Change We Need with Adam Bensman

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About this Episode

Are you a roofing contractor who is sick of the scumbags giving the industry a bad name? Do you want to outsell, outgrow, and outcompete the rest while putting a stop to the corrupt and greedy practices plaguing the roofing industry? Then you need to join the Roofing & Solar Reform Alliance (RSRA)!

In this episode of the Roofing Success Podcast, Jim sits down with Adam Bensman, the founder of RSRA, to discuss how this new organization is on a mission to reform the roofing industry through leadership and action. The RSRA provides an endorsement, training, support and community for roofing contractors who pledge to:

  1. Provide amazing customer service
  2. Deliver transparent and educational sales experiences
  3. Take extreme ownership as leaders
  4. Create a culture their team and customers are proud of
  5. Be stewards of those they serve and the industry at large

With access to the best sales training, mentors, live sessions, and an exclusive member community, RSRA equips contractors to build trust with homeowners while growing their businesses with integrity. 

If you’re ready to join the movement to stop the scum and reform the roofing industry, check out Roofing & Solar Reform Alliance!



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