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Roofing Success Podcast

196: Is Your Roofing Business Financially Fit? Key Metrics You Can’t Ignore with Brett Huizenga

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About this Episode

Is your roofing business as financially healthy as it could be? In this episode of the Roofing Success Podcast, we sit down with Brett Huizenga from Hometown Roofing in Omaha, Nebraska, to discuss the key financial metrics every roofing company owner should be tracking to ensure their business is in tip-top shape.

Brett shares his insights on the importance of understanding your numbers, from gross profit margins to net profit percentages, and how these figures can make or break your roofing business. He also dives into the lessons he’s learned since taking over Hometown Roofing, including the value of setting annual budgets, investing in growth, and making data-driven decisions.

Whether you’re a seasoned roofing professional or just starting, this episode is packed with actionable advice on how to assess your company’s fiscal fitness and make strategic moves to improve your bottom line. Don’t miss out on these essential financial tips that could take your roofing business to the next level!

Topics covered in this episode include:

– The importance of tracking gross profit margins and net profit percentages

– Setting annual budgets and making data-driven decisions

– Investing in growth and understanding when to strategically reduce net profit

– The power of knowing your numbers and how they impact your business’s health

– And much more!




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