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Roofing Success Podcast

Episode 10: How To Use Technology To Survive During The Coronavirus Crisis And Thrive Beyond The Crisis

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About this Episode

Lynn Foster is the Director of Operations for AccuLynx, the #1 business management solution for Roofing Contractors. As the Director, he has collaborated with top industry professionals and technology partners to enhance the customer’s experience within the software, developing short and long term strategic plans based on marketplace analysis, as well as overseeing Sales, Systems Forecasting and Process Improvement.

His expertise in business development, financial planning, sales, and vertical marketing has directly led to continuous success in growing company revenue and profits, even during times of economic recession.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Roofers are facing a need for increased flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere as they deal with the challenges presented by the Coronavirus. 
  • What should roofers be focusing on right now to keep business moving during this time of crisis? -How to keep business moving through remote selling
  • What can roofers do to prepare for the future and establish a competitive advantage going forward?

AccuLynx is packed with powerful features designed to help you grow as a roofing contractor. With one simple operating system to power your entire business, you can efficiently manage every aspect of the job from initial lead to final invoice.

Website: www.acculynx.com

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