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Roofing Success Podcast

Episode 167: How Being Coachable & Having Curiosity Will Lead To Success in Your Roofing Business w/ Jay & Taylor Miller

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About this Episode

Meet Jay & Taylor Miller, the dynamic duo behind Miller Storm Roofing & Reconstruction, a leading roofing and reconstruction company based in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas.

Taylor’s journey in the industry began under the guidance of her mother, laying the foundation for her expertise and passion for roofing and reconstruction. Meanwhile, Jay’s entrance into the field was marked by a pivotal mentorship with a person named James, which ignited his dedication to the craft and the pursuit of excellence.

What truly sets Jay and Taylor apart in the industry is their unwavering commitment to a unique and transformative culture. Beyond the nuts and bolts of roofing, they are devoted coaches, instilling in their team not only the strategies of the trade but also the secrets to success in life. With a team of seasoned CPAs and financial planners, coupled with their personal experiences of ascending the ladder of life, they empower their representatives with invaluable knowledge not only for roofing achievements but for life victories.

At Miller Storm Roofing & Reconstruction, they have cultivated a culture that stands as a testament to unity and mutual growth. Every team member is driven to see one another triumph. The environment is more than just a workplace; it’s a familial haven where camaraderie thrives. This spirit extends to their celebrated holiday outings, where families are warmly welcomed to partake in the collective joy.

On this episode, we talk about how being coachable and having curiosity will lead to success in your roofing business. 



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