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Roofing Success Podcast

Episode 168: How to Add Roofing Services to a Successful Contracting Company with Jeff Sawyer

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About this Episode

Jeff Sawyer is the President and Owner of TruNorth, with a lifelong career in the construction industry. From an early age, he immersed himself in the world of building, commencing with small projects alongside his father in their basement. Throughout his High School and College years, he dedicated his summers to working with a local siding and roofing company, gaining hands-on experience in the field.

During his High School journey, Jeff’s passion for the construction industry ignited when he enrolled in a drafting class. This experience presented him with the opportunity to design his very first house, sparking a deep fascination and setting him on the path to success. Fueled by his newfound enthusiasm, Jeff pursued a degree in Architecture at Wentworth Institution of Technology.

Jeff’s career flourished as he embarked on roles with two prominent home builders in Atlanta, Georgia. Demonstrating his expertise, he skillfully managed architecture, land development, and construction services, making significant contributions to the success of various projects. In 2002, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision for growth, he established his own business, Generation2 Inc. Specializing in office condominiums and residential construction, Jeff’s company thrived, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

As the President and Owner of TruNorth, Jeff Sawyer combines his extensive industry experience with a steadfast commitment to excellence. With an unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship, he spearheads innovation within the construction landscape, making a positive impact on projects and communities alike.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jeff enjoys running and participating in triathlons. 

On this episode, we talk about adding roofing services to a successful contracting company. 






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