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Learn How Prominent Construction
Grew from $2 Million to $5.5 Million in Annual Revenue

By Getting Their Internet Marketing Strategies Right.

The Facts.

Let’s lay down the facts before we get started here. When we began working with Prominent Construction, a roofing contractor based out of Minneapolis, MN, about 2 years ago, their online presence was severely lacking.

They barely had a website, weren’t running any advertising, and didn’t show up on Google search anywhere in their local area. They needed a way to generate leads from their own branded properties, and we both knew that they needed to accomplish this online, not offline.

The Roofing Business Owner Mindset

The Roofing Business Owner Mindset
Before we go into the campaigns that we helped them create and turn their online presence around, we want to commend Justin and Chad at Prominent Construction for their willingness to be open minded from the beginning.

The one thing that paved Prominent’s way to success online from the start is the fact that they did not see online marketing as an expense. They saw it as a way to generate growth for their business. Because of this, they were not afraid of putting money into the marketing system, knowing full well that it would produce a great return on his investment.

If there is one thing we can recommend to roofing contractors when it comes to online marketing, it is this. Do not look at marketing campaigns as an expense. It is an investment.
You should be able to put $1 in and get $4, $6, $10, or even $20+ out every single time.
We fully realize this comes down to the people you hire to run these campaigns for you – some aren’t as good as others – so this is why we always strive to provide these case studies and show examples of how we are taking our roofing clients’ growth to the next level. Do your research and ask lots of questions before hiring anyone!

The Next Steps

Once we understood where Prominent’s online presence was in comparison to their top competitors in the Twin Cities, MN metro area, we decided what needed to happen next to get them moving in the right direction:

Table of Contents


The Website Redesign


Lots of improvements were made, but here’s what the priorities were for this roofing website that has allowed it to perform so well:


Google AdWords and PPC Campaigns

Next up was creating the backbone of their lead generation strategy with Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. Every roofing contractor needs to start with PPC until their SEO and other strategies are really running at 100%. PPC was going to be the more expensive leads compared to others like from SEO, but they will also help you recover themarketing spend faster by getting jobs booked immediately!
Google AdWords is the primary platform we ran ads on for them, but we also saw success with Bing Ads as well.

We first setup the Ad Groups and separated them out by service type, and also by locations served keywords. This was key to helping us get the best possible conversions from our ads.

Examples were targeting city keywords like “roofing companies Minneapolis”, St Paul, Edina, and more. And for service types, we had ad groups targeting “roof replacement”, “roof repair”, “roof installation”, and also different types of roofs such as “asphalt shingle”, “metal”, and more.

A few things that make our landing pages stand out:

– There is no options on the page but to call or submit a contact form- We’ve integrated multi-step contact forms that convert 300% higher than regular contact forms
We connected these forms to our call tracking system — when a form was submitted our call system calls Prominent immediately, allowing them to press 1 and connect with the lead within 15 seconds, ensuring them the best chance of setting an appointment!

The Results

Over the past two roofing seasons Prominent has had an average ad spend budget of around $8k/month during each of the season’s busier months April-September.

Remember, AdWords is expensive compared to some other lead avenues, but you’er getting a quality lead that’s calling you and only you. Each click to our ads in the Minneapolis area averaged around $40/click.

We were converting around 25% of those clicks which is extremely high for the ads industry. 1 out of every 4 ad clicks turned into a lead.

Over the past 2 years they’ve been consistently getting non-stop leads for around $160 each. These are specific to their brand, not shared, and they were closing a high percentage of these. Their total PPC KPIS are below:


Local SEO Campaign

The crown jewel of any online marketing campaign should be SEO. Getting your business ranked in Google’s “Map Pack”, which is the 3 businesses listed in the maps upon doing any Google search for roofing terms, is worth its weight in gold.

Over 50% of all local roofing searches done end up clicking in this map pack, so being ranked there can make or break a business these days.

When we started with Prominent, they were nowhere to be found in these results.

Fast forward to end of 2019 and they’re everywhere in teh Minneapolis area, as well as ranked at the top of organic search results for pretty much all “Minneapolis Roofing” terms.

This has resulted in significant visibility for their brand, more clicks to their website, and in turn more leads directly from Google searches.

Local SEO in roofing is both competitive and very technical. You can get as much visibility in maps as possible, but in other places in your area, you may not be able to show up just because of your physical location. In that case, we need to build out your organic search rankings below the map as well.

There are a number of things that went into this SEO campaign to make it successful and it took 12 months of hard work to get them to the very top in such a competitive metro area. These things include the following:

When you combine a successful SEO campaign with a successful Google Ads campaign, the possibilities are endless for short and long term growth. For more training on how to do SEO, check out our article on how to get your SEO for your roofing company right.


Reviews and Reputation

When it comes down to it however, even if you’re showing up in Google Ads and especially in Google Maps, potential customers are going to want to see proof that you’re a trustworthy company.

This comes in the form of customer reviews — and specifically in the form of Google Reviews.

Google Reviews are the ones that stand out on your maps listing, so if you come up in Google Maps for the search term “roofing contractors in dallas” you better have as many or more reviews as the other 2 competitors, and have a quality rating between 4.5 – 5 stars.

By providing Prominent with our reputation management software, they were able to actively ask customers for reviews upon completion of their jobs at the job site, or quickly thereafter via Text or Email.

At this point of time they are nearing 100 Google reviews and many more on other platforms — giving them the necessary trust indicators they need to crush their competition.


Retargeting Campaigns

One crucial aspect that roofers tend to miss with their marketing is the fact that even if they get a lot of visitors that see their website and ads, only a slim percentage of them will end up turning into a lead the first go around.

This is where retargeting these potential leads with ads that highlight the benefits of your company shortly thereafter is crucial to keep your business front and center on the visitor’s mind until they do end up contacting you.

We did this with Prominent through Google Remarketing Ads, Youtube Ads, and Facebook Ads.

We created a series of ads that highlighted their work, the benefits of using them, and their reputation that played in a series of ads to visitors who had arrived on their website over the past 60 days, but not yet called or submitted a form as a lead.

Our Ad series for Prominent looked like this:

Only 15% or so visitors typically schedule an estimate first time around – retargeting can push this number to double or triple. Don’t you think it’s worth it to do something similar?


Storm Damage Campaigns

I’m sure you’re aware, storm damage jobs pay out well. So when Minnesota got hit with crazy hail storms unliek anything we’ve seen in the past few years, it was necessary for us to help Prominent get as many of these jobs as possible.

We did this in a variety of ways:

We did this in a variety of ways:

This was an easy way to target top of the funnel leads that were ready to get their roof damage fixed — leads were more expensive at around $300-400 a lead but you’re also getting fast leads that are extremely profitable

Being able to target hail damaged areas as well as audiences that were most likely to be interested in their help allowed us to use simple ad targeting to get long form information Hail Damage roofing leads for $50-60 on average. We’re talking not just name and phone, but everything we need on the status of the home.
This allowed Prominent to gain hundreds of visitors in a single day right after the storms hit, getting tons of visitors in our retargeting pixel series, and leads in the pipeline.

In Conclusion

There’s a lot more detail we can go into here, but these tactics have helped Prominent scale not only their online presence and visibility, but revenues by 137%.

If you want to see how we can use these strategies to help you overcome your local competition, why not schedule a Free lead acceleration session with us? We’ll review where you’re at, what needs to be done, and how to get there.

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