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Episode 108: How To Start A Roofing Business With NO MONEY with Sean Kennedy

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About this Episode

Sean Kennedy, Owner of American Eagle Roofing got into the industry as a 3rd generation contractor and through his family of tradesmen. Since Sean was a kid he worked in any capacity necessary to help with his family’s projects “counting nails and sweeping floors”. Later, Sean got into business for himself as a general contractor doing all aspects of construction and wearing all hats. American Eagle Roofing came from the feeling that doubling down on a single trade would amplify the ability to scale and focus on his craft. The business has become a home for a multitude of folks that are now seen as family and treat the company as their own. The company has grown a name for itself by using transparency and relentless effort to keep a culture they can be proud of.

On this episode, we talk about starting a roofing business with no money.


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