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Episode 113: The Advantage of Having a Premium Brand for Your Roofing Company with Sean Talebi

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About this Episode

Sean Talebi is the President of The Roofers Inc. A roofing company based in Ontario, Canada. The company started small almost 20 years ago with a conviction to tackle the roofing industry through the eyes of the consumer. In the passing years, The Roofers Inc. has grown, and offerings have expanded, but the commitment to that core value has not. At the center of all the company’s decisions, they have always been and will continue to be: How would the customers benefit? The Roofers are a different kind of roofing company. At The Roofers, the customer-focused obsession has been the primary catalyst for success and growth in providing roofing services.

On this episode we talk about the advantages of having a premium brand for your roofing company. 


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