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Episode 131: Roofing Success Podcast 2022 End of the Year Recap!

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About this Episode

It has been a great year for the Roofing Success Podcast!  We have had so many amazing guests, and we have really been blown away by the conversations that we have had. It is also amazing to see the growth in our listeners/viewers.  We are reaching so many contractors, and believe we are making a significant difference in their businesses.

On this episode, we review some highlights of 2022! 

In this episode, we pay tribute to: 

EP 83“Inbound Leads? Close More With These 5 Steps”Adam Bensman
EP 87Mapping Your Customer Journey to Develop Legit ProcessesNick Branon
EP 90Dmitry Lipinskiy: Insights Into His Journey From Immigrant To YouTube Roofing InfluencerDmitry Lipinskiy
EP 92Key Strategies to Growing A Successful Roofing BusinessJason Payne
EP 97Intention Is the Key to Achieving Success in Your Roofing BusinessDevon Bullard
EP 99We’ve Got 99 Problems But A Lead Ain’t OneJoe McDevitt & Wes Grant
EP 1023 Keys to Success for Roofers: Consistency, Perfection, Developing SystemsMike Roth
EP 103Are You Willing to Do Whatever It Take To Make Your Roofing Business Succeed?Ethan Andes
EP 107How To Live The Values Of Your Company CultureTamara Chase
EP 111How to Win at Referrals for Your Roofing Company

Steven Ragsdale

EP 114Rebranding a Roofing Company | Top Tips You Need to KnowTravis Kenny
EP 115Why Your Roofing Business Needs an End Goal

Adam Olson

EP 117Why Roofers Must Do What They Say & Say What They Do

Jim DelPrete

EP 121The Top Reasons Roofing Companies Fail

Chris Baldus

EP 124How an Obsession With Customers Leads to a $40M Roofing MachineMartin Pettigrew
EP 127A Will To Succeed Is The Only Thing You Need to Start a Roofing Business

Juan Reyes

There were so many more amazing episodes, but we just couldn’t fit them all in one recap! Thank you to all our amazing guests and listeners of 2022.

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