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Episode 132: Growing a Roofing Business in a Small Town Market with Bob and Emily Hoel

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About this Episode

Hoel Roofing and Remodeling was established in 2017; owners Bob and Emily Hoel have substantial goals of changing the industry for the better. Bob has a background in the business and strives to change the way people view the roofing industry. The main goal of Hoel Roofing and Remodeling is to educate homeowners as they walk them through the process.


Growing up Bob was heavily involved in FFA and 4-H. This has led to the passion of giving back to the youth of the community by supporting local 4-H events and nonprofits. Bob and Emily have also grown a passion for many of Dave Ramsey’s programs, and want to share their knowledge with young adults. In doing so they sponsor Foundations of Personal Finance, a class that has helped hundreds of high school students understand the foundation of finances and also educate them on debt.

In addition to giving back in multiple ways Bob and Emily also strive to give their kids (Rhett, Reagan, and Rylee) a better life. They live on a 12-acre farm and enjoy raising livestock (most of the animals are named by the kids after shingle brands or their favorite sales reps). Bob and Emily spend time with their kids teaching them hard work both at home and inside the company. The kids are regularly seen in the office, helping on job sites, and at warehouses picking up supplies. Hoel Roofing and Remodeling aims to create a legacy not just within their family, but within all the other lives they continue to touch.

On this episode, we talk about growing a roofing business in a small town market. 


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