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Episode 134: Running a Roofing Business: Navigating the ‘Relay Race’ with Dan Zrihen

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About this Episode

Dan Zrihen is a Phoenix Arizona, Bay Area Native. When he was 22 years old he started working door to door at a home improvement company in California. Now, Dan is a leader in the Arizona public adjusting and roofing market. His public adjusting firm AdjustPro Solutions manages residential & commercial property insurance claims on behalf of property owners statewide; ensuring a quick, & equitable property claim settlement. Dan’s roofing company, Pro-Tec Contracting LLC’s mission is to provide exceptional service and a great experience to all customers. The company is a Master Elite contractor, which puts them in the top 2% in the country in roof installations. Outside of running two businesses, Dan is married with a 2 year old baby girl and a new born baby boy. He is exceptionally motivated, driven, and passionate about what he does!

On this episode, we talk about running a successful roofing business and navigating the relay race between different departments. 


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