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Episode 3: How 5 Star Roofing Achieved 2,994% Growth Over The Last Three Years with Robert Cooper!

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About this Episode

Robert Cooper grew up in the roofing business. When the time came to start his own company, he took what he had learned throughout his life and has achieved impressive growth of 2,994% growth over the first three years!

On this episode, Robert shares the details of how he accomplished this by focusing on his team and providing the best service possible.

Show Highlights

Tip No. 1: Why using a consultative approach works
Tip No. 2: How an all hands on deck approach to marketing can give you an advantage
Tip No. 3: How to build a future for all of us
Tip No. 4: When to cycle back through marketing efforts
Tip No. 5: Why storm damage restoration Doesn’t Work On Home Advisor
Tip No. 6: How to make people want to refer you
Tip No. 7: How to utilize neighborhood Facebook groups to solicit referrals
Tip No. 8: How to create an executive team to keep the company moving forward
Tip No. 9: How to focus on the next success
Tip No. 10: How to use Predictive Index to hire the right employee


5 Star Roofing

The Predictive Index

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