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Episode 6: How To Have An Unlimited Marketing Budget For Your Roofing Business With Dominic Rubino!

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About this Episode

For over 20 years, Dominic Rubino has worked with Contractors like you. People who work hard, sacrifice, and have fought for everything they have.  The contractor that wants to get things back under control and figure out how to work less and earn more.

Dominic is a professional business coach, but different than most.  He’s not a “book” business coach. He’s a real-world business coach.

On this episode, Dominic details how to create an unlimited marketing budget for your roofing business.

Show Highlights

Tip No. 1: You need to play tricks on yourself and fall for them every time.
Tip No. 2: Ask yourself questions that other people wouldn’t ask.
Tip No. 3: Get other people to pay for your marketing budget.
Tip No. 4: As contractors, we have a sale if we show up.
Tip No. 5: Companies that are stuck aren’t thinking about marketing.
Tip No. 6: Have an open mind to do something different.
Tip No. 7: Be a business person who owns a roofing company.
Tip No. 8: Reluctance to increasing prices usually comes from the business owner, not the public.
Tip No. 9: Calculate your revenue responsibility per hour.
Tip No. 10: You’ve got the right tool, you are using it the wrong way.


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