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Episode 75: Why A Great Brand Strategy Is The Next Step In Your Roofing Business with Ryan Kettering

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About this Episode

Ryan has his roots in the service business industry. He started Kett Clean Carpet Cleaning near Chicago in 2005 and in 2010 started helping other carpet cleaning businesses with graphic design. Eventually, as this “hobby” grew into an actual business additional services and printing were added on. 

Ryan started prolific prints because he saw that for small service businesses it can be challenging to find a great source for affordable graphic design and printing solutions from a company that understands your business and can make your unique business stand out and look professional. As an owner of a small home service business for 10 years he understands intimately the goals and ideas for your company and wants to help you get your ideas to stand out in front of more people. Anything worth doing is worth doing great!

Prolific prints believes that every business owner equipped with the right tools and persistence will succeed.

The company’s mission is to help small businesses get in front of more customers and to better communicate their message to those customers in unique ways that stand out by providing you with not only the highest quality in print materials & design, but tips, unique solutions, and systems to put them in place to grow your business.

On this episode, we talk about brand strategy and how it’s the next step in your roofing business in order to grow. 


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