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Episode 80: How To Align Your Team With A Mission To Execute On The Larger Goal with Dashaun Bryant

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About this Episode

Dashaun Bryant is a Door to Door Sales Coach and Trainer with 5 plus years of experience in the Storm Restoration Industry. He uses his skills to help Door to Door salesmen maximize their potential, by teaching them how to Hustle with Principles, maintaining a positive attitude, and getting their mind right so they can get their grind right. He travels around the country helping other Roofing Companies revamp their sales team and gain clarity on their vision. 

As a stay at home dad, he has been able to be present for all of his kid’s milestones, while still selling a million-plus in revenue year in and year out. His family is the fuel that keeps me on fire and the love for teaching other salesmen how to dominate the industry with his free videos on youtube. And as always Hustle Hard, Hustle Smart, and Don’t be afraid to Bogard.

On this episode, we talk about how to align your team to company goals and how roofing sales allows you to trade time for time.


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