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Episode 82: The Solution To Getting The Right Knowledge For Your Roofing Business with Mathew Mullholand

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About this Episode

Though he leads and teaches scores of Public Insurance Adjusters throughout the Nation, Mat strives to remember why he walked in the kitchen. He went to school to be an aerospace engineer then decided he would rather fight Insurance Carrier Bull than design the spacecraft Elon uses to get to work. What does that say about him?

Mat’s beard and hat seem to be more popular than Mat himself. He says he doesn’t try to come off as a weird safari going hipster hybrid, but we all know better. For extra verisimilitude, he tried his hand at brewing his own beer and still claims he made one spectacular batch once but can’t duplicate it. To be fair, he does hate kale.

Despite his problems with intermittent tech rage, Mat enjoys designing and building just about everything in his own personal Maker Space his wife calls, “the garage”. His creativity combined with his eagerness to show off lead him down interesting paths that are always over-engineered and overly complicated. His wife loves that. Well, she never said that, but you can tell.

Somehow, Mat is the current President of GAPIA, the Georgia Association of Public Insurance Adjusters where he manages to act professionally and helps GA consumers through his relationship with Insurance Regulators. He claims to despise politics, but always seems to be caught in the middle of it.

Mat’s dry sense of humor and self-deprecation in his articles, educational videos, and weekly podcasts have led him to be nominated for the 2021 WTS Industry’s Most Influential and Public Adjuster of the Year in 2021. Even if he didn’t run Allgood Adjustments or produce Listen to this Bull content, Mat would probably still be trolling the industry forums providing in-depth help, and sarcastic remarks that make him giggle slightly while writing them.

Mat doesn’t take himself very seriously, but we think you should. Mat isn’t an attorney, so he’s able to get away with a fun Bio and laughs at how badly Remington wants to do the same but can’t because of societal expectations. Silly Esquires.

On this episode, we talk about gaining knowledge in the roof building process that will lead to greater success in your roofing business.


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