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Episode 83: Inbound Leads? Close More With These 5 Steps with Adam Bensman – The Roof Strategist

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About this Episode

Adam Bensman’s “Roofing Sales Success Formula” is being used right now by thousands of roofers across the US, Canada, and Australia for both storm and retail. From 1st year sales reps earning 6 figures (to multi-six figures), to companies doing $75M/ year, and by some of the top 100 roofing companies in America. Adam’s innovative, yet simple sales strategies and “formulas” have helped companies 2-4x annual growth. His approach to scaling is a “bottom up” mindset — by investing in the personal success of each individual sales rep by giving them the simple formula for sales success. Adam “fell” into roofing sales out of desperation – from living below the poverty line as a massage therapist. In his first 8 months, he generated a 6-figure income and transformed his life. He quickly worked his way up to C.O.O. of a roofing & restoration company operating in 5 states and 6 cities. Adam left the day-to-day roofing operations to fulfill his mission of helping roofing sales reps SMASH their income goals. A mission he fulfills while hosting the most followed free roofing sales training networks: The Roof Strategist YouTube Channel & Podcast.

On this episode we lay out the five steps to closing more inbound leads.


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