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How to Post from Facebook to Instagram

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While Facebook and Instagram are great for family vacation photos or catching up with an old high school friend, they’re also valuable marketing tools for your roofing business.

Strategically posting on social media should be part of any business’s modern marketing strategy. Marketing your roofing company on social media can help you appeal to more customers, improve SEO, increase market reach, and develop your brand.

While several social media platforms are out there, today, we’ll focus on Facebook and Instagram. In this blog, we’ll show you how to post from Facebook to Instagram, go over the benefits of cross-posting, and show you how to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Let’s dive in!

Cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram

Posting the same content across multiple platforms is called cross-posting. Cross-posting is a great way to get your content out there, save time, and stay efficient with your marketing efforts. See an example of the same content posted to Facebook and Instagram below:

Cross-posting example on Facebook for Roofer Marketers
Cross-posting example on Instagram for Roofer Marketers

Facebook (FB) and Instagram (IG) are both owned by the same parent company, Meta. Cross-posting between the two platforms is an easy way to save time and maximize your content.

Content you should cross-post:

  • Stories
  • Videos or reels
  • Announcements
  • Polls

Sharing the same content on Facebook and Instagram helps your roofing business maintain a consistent presence across your social media accounts. With the right social media strategy, your roofing business can stand out in a competitive market.

Why Can’t I Post from Facebook to Instagram?

If you’re struggling to seamlessly post your content from Facebook to Instagram, follow these steps. You’ll need to have linked business profiles on Facebook and Instagram to get started.

How to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts:

  1. Select “Edit Profile” on your Instagram account.
  2. Select “Page” from the “Public Business Information” section.
  3. Select “Connect an Existing Page” or “Create Facebook Page,” depending on whether you have a business Facebook account.
  4. Save changes.

Once your Instagram and Facebook pages are linked, you should see the page in the drop-down menu on your profile. If the above checklist doesn’t work for you, ensure your Facebook settings have the correct permissions enabled.

Once your profiles are linked, you’ll see the option to “post to Instagram” when you create Facebook posts. Select this option to have your Facebook post published on Instagram as well.

How to Automatically Post Content from Facebook to Instagram

In your Facebook settings, toggle the option to “turn on cross-posting” and select which types of content you want to post between Facebook and Instagram automatically. You can cross-post stories, reels, or posts from Facebook to Instagram or vice versa.

While you can set up your account to automatically publish every Facebook post on Instagram, you can toggle this option off for specific posts. This flexibility is handy for the content you want to keep exclusive to one platform.

How Do You Share a FB Reel on Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram Reels are short-form videos posted on each platform. The videos are in a format similar to TikTok videos or YouTube Shorts. You can share Facebook Reels to Instagram easily.

To start sharing your Facebook Reels to Instagram, you must ensure both of your business accounts are added to the same Accounts Center. Follow the instructions we outlined above to link your accounts.

Once your accounts are connected, you’ll see an option to “Share to Instagram” when you post a Facebook Reel. Once you select that and click post, you’re all set! Your Facebook Reel will be published on both Facebook and Instagram.

Conquer Your Roofing Social Media Marketing

Mastering your business’s social media strategy takes a lot of research, time, and dedication. From knowing when to post on social media to building and managing multiple accounts, social media marketing can keep you busy.

Partner with Roofer Marketers for a marketing system designed to help roofers increase visibility, build brand awareness, and boost leads. Book a call with the Roofer Marketers team to learn more!

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